three fruity ladies flavours of hereford

About Three Fruity Ladies

three fruity ladies flavours of hereford

"Handmade Herefordshire Preserves. Flavours of Herefordshire in a Jar"

Three Fruity Ladies are artisan producers of award-winning, delicious home-made produce and preserves including jams, chutneys, ketchup, pickles and marmalade's.

Our gourmet food products are unlike the majority of products found in major supermarket's, by using only the finest home-grown and locally sourced ingredients we strive for quality products, all handmade in the heart of Herefordshire and produced in small batches using traditional open-pan methods following original family recipes.

  • Our specialist range of Jams, produced with the more unusual berries such as

    • Boysenberry Jam

    • Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam

    • Jostaberry Jam

    • Loganberry Jam

    • Tayberry Jam

  • Our range of Luxury Preserves include

    • Damson & Port Jam

    • Plum ‘n’ Rum Jam

    • Strawberry & Fizz Jam

    • Whiskey Marmalade

    • Raspberry & Amaretto Jam

    • Blackcurrant & British Cassis Jam

  • Our Chutneys include 

    • Apple Chutney with Orgasmic Cider

    • Beetroot Chutney

    • Gooseberry Chutney

    • Runner Bean Chutney (which appeared on BBC "Top of the Shop")

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