Damson Jam with Port.


Our Damson Jam is handmade from hand picked damsons from family member’s trees grown in the orchards at Bellevue. The addition of ruby port complements the damsons and produces a deep, rich, intense, long lasting flavour, which we adore!


Handmade in small batches using traditional methods to our family recipe, this is one of our more unusual jams.


200g Jar

Damson Jam with Port

  • Damson Jam with Port Ingredients

    Damsons (50%), Sugar, port (sulphites) (2%)

  • Nutritional Information

     Damson & Port Jam
    NUTRITION INFORMATION per 100g                                     
    ENERGY (kcal)                               281
    ENERGY (kJ)                               1192
    FAT (g)                          0.0
    of which SATURATES (g)          0.0
    CARBOHYDRATE (g)        67.8
    of which SUGARS (g)               67.8
    PROTEIN (g)                          0.3
     SALT (g) <0.1
  • Lovingly Handmade in Herefordshire

    All of our products are handmade, in small batches from our Herefordshire Kitchen.

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