Tomato Ketchup handmade by Three Fruity Ladies

Tomato Ketchup

Tomato Ketchup.


This tomato ketchup certainly tantalises the taste buds, as a nation of condiment lovers this ketchup goes well with everything and should be on your 'one to try' list!


A real ketchup that is great on bacon, burgers and fish & chips plus this can also be used for your homemade pizzas and in caseroles/stews too.


Homemade following a traditional family recipe and using our own naturally ripened plum tomatoes homegrown in the greenhouses at Bellevue, the ketchup is made in small open pans, lightly spiced and enriched with red wine vinegar to create a well-balanced flavour.


Sometimes the oldies are the best, we remember when tomato ketchup used to taste like this!


240ml Bottle

  • Ingredients

    Tomatoes (70%), Onions, Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar (sulphites),

    Spices, Salt


    Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 4 weeks

  • Nutritional Information

     Tomato Ketchup 
    ENERGY (kcal)                               97
    ENERGY (kJ)                               410
    FAT (g)                          0.2
    of which SATURATES (g)          0.0
    CARBOHYDRATE (g)        21.2
    of which SUGARS (g)               20.8
    PROTEIN (g)                          1.1
     SALT (g) 0.8
  • Lovingly Handmade in Herefordshire

    All of our products are handmade, in small batches from our Herefordshire Kitchen.

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